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1327 votes from Estonia for emergency UBI petition, letter to Estonian PM collecting signatures as well
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According to the information that Estonian UBI advocates got in 24 April evening, 1327 signatures for an European emergency UBI petition in portal were given from Estonia.

Seisuga 24. aprill 2020
Seisuga 24. aprill 2020

Totally the petition has got more than 171000 signatures and also the Estonian signature count may be rised. doesn't yet allow following the vote count by countries. One of the petition admins requested the information from the portal admins and informed then Estonians.

In Estonia, a letter to the governmental emergency commitee and PM of Estonia is also opened for public support signatures. The letter itself is already sent by 9 UBI advocates. However they hope to get more support from other people.  It happens in CitizenOS collaboration environment. Current number of digital signatures (ID-card etc) is visible also in Estonian UBI site

Earlier, a national petition proposing not introduction of UBI but a profound study of its feasibility and impact (declinded by parliament's commitee), collected needed 1000 signatures during 2 and half years (2016-2019). Current European petition about immediate introduction of UBI collected the same amount of Estonian signatures within less than month.

A remarquable amount of signatures was collected in Estonia earlier, during the ECI for UBI in 2013.-2014, when with nearly 4900 support statements Estonia exceeded its national quota. However, this ECI didn't reach the EC as it failed to collect at least million signatures.

European UBI advocates have prepared a new ECI. Due to the pandemic the start of signature collection will not happen before September.