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ubie_data is a main table - each row is an "item" the subdata is related to

Main table, each row is an

ubie_data_facts is for just facts or ideas, but also for texts describing a person or organisation. The field ubie_data_id is a foreign key that points to the table above. full_desc is only a "placeholder" behind a display element displaying data from many fields. Some fields may be unnecessary and will be probably deleted (storage_id etc)

Important -

1) this table has a one to many relationship with the main data. One entry in ubie_data could have many subentries in ubie_data_fact. This is necessary as the site is actually multilingual. So each fact under one single item could have own language but only one of them is displayed in list depending on the currently active content language.

2) as there is also need to separate personal and organisation data and simple fact/idea data during form submission, two MySQL views are created on this table - ubie_data_facts_poview (for persons and orgs) and ubie_data_facts_fiview (facts & ideas)


This table is for personal or organisation data. It has one to one relationship with the main table - that means there could be only one person or organisation per main item. 

Like in above example also two updateable views are created - ubie_data_who and ubie_data_what, one for personal and another for organisation data.

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