Component - Fabrik

Data - Wordpress + current site

This is aimed to be a workflow for collaboration in creating new common press releases. 

The drafts of press releases are displayed by the same way like news (Fabrik list reads posts from the wp_posts table) except here are shown only drafts that are not published in main blog site. In both cases the Fabrik lists prefilter feature is used. And in this case the Fabrik details view is used - here the beauty is not so important.

Inside this details view we see a Fabrik list. This is displayed with a Fabrik content plugin feature that allows to display Fabrik data embedded in articles or inside Fabrik views themselves. So here in this details view is a list view with data related to this record (blog post). 

Using this workflow

  1. The author posts the initiial text of the press release as a draft. No matter directly in the blog site or via Windows Live Writer (the most convenient way!)
  2. Other collaborators are seeing this draft and when they are something to say about (to propose changes, additions etc) then they post i.e. excerpt of initial text, replacing text that they propose instead and if needed their comment. The appropriate guides are displayed in this form
  3. The author reads the suggestions and makes corrections if needed. The best way of course again via W Live Writer. 
  4. Once the corrections are done, the author marks the appropriate suggestions as considered.